Sleeves and Mandrels

Mounting Sleeves

As an authorized Inometa agent, Pamarco is proud to offer INOflex® mounting sleeves to our customers. Guaranteed to provide dimensional stability, concentric accuracy and optimal productivity, INOflex® mounting sleeves are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies and can be combined with all commercially available pneumatic and hydraulic format adapter systems.


  • Built on a base sleeve with perfect clamping properties and maintained throughout the entire service life cycle
  • Hard surface facilitates repeatable superior print jobs in conjunction with top quality foam adhesive tapes
  • Soft mounting sleeves with a compressible surface support eliminate the need for foam adhesive tape and allow for economical printing
  • Available in electrically conductive and non-conductive designs, with electrically conductive mounting sleeves in compliance with ATEX 95.

To learn more visit Inometa or contact Katie Graham at katie.graham@pamarco.com or 1800.533FLEXO

“We’ve found that Inometa carbon fiber adaptor mandrels perform better than the competition in regards to tolerance, airflow, and general construction. The design elements of wound carbon fiber is superior versus the competitors extruded carbon design. In addition, the support structure of the interior tube framework assists not only in reducing deflection within press, but supporting the large mandrels in regards to handling outside of press. All suppliers have long lead-time for the production and delivery of carbon fiber adaptor mandrels.
Inometa’s high quality product does not create a longer than market lead-time along with being competitively priced.”

Menasha, Pumps & Filtration